Gentlemen, start your engines!

Brielle is, to put it lightly ...Smoking Hot!

She is a classically gorgeous woman, fit and beautiful with mouthwatering curves and a smile that will melt you the second you see her. She exudes confidence and sensuality, with a bold approach to eroticism, lots of options, and a genuinely playful attitude.

If you love firm, luscious breasts, brace yourself....buxom and beautiful do not even begin to describe her!

Brielle is 36, loves to please, and will cater each session to whatever you find most erotic. She has a variety of toys and is famous for a show & tell that will take your breath away!

...She's waiting to make you her favorite playmate! 

Brielle has a luxe incall in Soulard.

She is available 10am-3pm Monday-Friday

Located in a luxe studio in Soulard, St. Louis